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"The tragic events of a car accident left my wife paralyzed and diagnosed as a quadriplegic for the rest of her life.  In my mind, I had settled in for a long hard road that only God was going to get us through.  My wife suggested we obtain law counsel, but I refused, having engaged with lawyers in the past that left a bad taste in my mouth. After about a month, I relented and got in contact with the Ammon’s Law Firm. From day one, the Firm has been professional and courteous; from the administrative person that answers the phone, to the lawyers working the case, everyone is at the top of their game – they are the best!"

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As recently as June of 2010, Bridgestone has recalled some truck and bus tires for faulty design.   The Firestone tire recall is perhaps the most deadly auto safety crisis in American history.  US regulators on 16 October, 2000 have raised the death count to 119 (the death count has steadily risen from 62, later to 88 and 101 deaths reported on 9/20/2000).  Experts believe there may be as many as 250 deaths and more than 3000 catastrophic injuries associated with the defective tires.  Most of the deaths occur in accidents involving the Ford Explorer which tends to rollover when one of the tires blows out.

An abnormally high failure rate in Firestone's Wilderness AT, Firestone ATX, and ATX II tires resulted in multiple lawsuits, as well as an eventual mandatory recall.  In 2001 Bridgestone/Firestone severed its ties to Ford citing a lack of trust.  The lack of trust stemmed from concerns that Ford had not heeded warnings by Bridgestone/Firestone relating to the design of the Ford Explorer.

In 2006, Firestone announced renewed efforts to recall tires of the same model recalled in 2000 after the tires were linked to recent deaths and injuries.  Although Firestone estimates 97% of the tires were replaced in the 2000 recall concern existed over spare tires that many owners did not think to replace during the 2000 recall.   Part of this effort was a new advertising campaign in an attempt to reach the 5% of customers that still had not acted on its voluntary recall program.  The recall/replacement program was supported by a comprehensive advertising and consumer outreach campaign and over 6.3 million tires were replaced of the total 6.5 million affected.  This still leave approx 200,000 tires out there somewhere.  While the company believes that most of those tires unaccounted for have probably been scrapped long ago it is still trying to locate as many as possible.

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